Klaroline Fanfictions :)

Good, this is a list of all the klaroline I’ve read. Some are excellent, some only good. I hope some will find this post useful.

A royal elopement brings a thousand Greek warships seeking to conquer the Trojan shores. As the battle of gods and men wage on, a prince of Sparta finds himself wanting to ravage not only the city of Troy but a certain fair-haired maiden as well. Trojan War AU, not strictly compliant to Iliad.

Prequel to In Love and War. He could swear that at that moment when Ares had caught Athena in midair, the Fates themselves held their breath. This was the pivotal moment when everything changes and the dominos began to fall. Klaroline, TVD Greek Gods AU.

Niklaus Mikaelson is a single father but is also a business man who needs someone to take care of the kids for him. When their current nanny retires, he finds himself needing a replacement. When Stefan offers a solution, Klaus agrees to interview Caroline Forbes.

A spell gone wrong, a cheating boyfriend, and a one night stand that changes everything. Can they over come their differences and find happiness together as a family, or will the threats that lie beneath the surface destroy everything? Follows the show through 4x08 then AU.

Titanic AU/AH. Need I say more?

Klaroline set in Regency era. It’s 1809, the beginning of the season in London, the wealthy Pierce sisters, with their companion, Caroline Forbes, arrive from Virginia. Entering the aristocratic world of the ton, they soon meet a particular family, among them, the infamous, troubled playboy Niklaus. AU and Dark, includes most of cast with content rating up to M in later chapters.

When a one night stand turns into a two night stands that turns into a full blown arrangement, Caroline Forbes and Klaus Mikaelson find themselves ingrained in each other’s lives - unwilling to commit but unable to let go. AU/AH

  • Therapy written by The-Passionate-Sun

"Aren’t you supposed to be fixing me or something?" "Why," she asked, leaning forward, elbows against her desk. "Do you think something is wrong with you?" When Klaus Mikaelson finds out that his dead wife was cheating on him, he lets his life fall apart. It’s only when he’s forced into therapy that he learns how to put it back together. Klaroline-AU/AH

3x22 AU: Alaric never kills Klaus, and Elijah keeps his promise to protect Elena and keep Klaus desiccated for one hundred and fifty years. But that night Elijah makes another promise to Caroline, that he will find her when it’s time to wake up Klaus. And so for that long the originals protect Caroline as they all wait for the day when Klaus will rise again, and they will reunite.

Klaus makes yet another kill. Angry, the witches strip Klaus and Caroline of their vampire powers, as punishment. Needless to say, this kill triggers a series of unpleasant and dangerous events, forcing Caroline and Klaus to flee Mystic Falls. With no powers and a promise of a tortured eternity, they run. How will they cope, when they have no choice but to trust each other?

"Ok you know how it’s kind of an urban legend that celebrities will fake date each other for publicity reasons? Well my publicist wants me to fake date someone," Elena admitted, "in fact she’s already agreed to it so I have no choice." "Who does she want you to fake date?" Caroline asked. "Niklaus Mikaelson." AU/AH fic

AU/AH Sometimes life gives us clues to the future that we hold. Sometimes that future is not what we have planned, but it turns out being so much better. Klaus and Caroline, two neighbors with two separate lives, both in need of redemption. Whilst he hides his growing feelings for her, she denies hers in an effort to save her engagement to another man.

Caroline Forbes is returning to Mystic Falls for the first time in 5 years. She had only one task: stay long enough for her best friend, Stefan’s wedding and then get out of dodge. But whether it comes in the form of jealous ex’s, meddling siblings, or the handsome mysterious brother of the bride-to-be, she’s realizing that some plans don’t always go according to plan. AU/AH

Sometimes the truth is far more interesting.

Caroline Forbes was born and bred to serve the Originals, but when she is placed in Klaus’ service will things go as planned? AU. Klaroline.

Caroline had spent nearly five centuries looking for her past. Well, now she’s in Mystic Falls looking for her future; she just didn’t expect her past to be waiting there for her. Klaroline. SEQUEL to The Lines That Lie Between. AU.

"The Holiday" Klaroline style: Caroline and Rebekah are 2 miserable single girls down on luck with love who home exchange for the holidays… Both end up getting more than than just a little holiday spirit… AU: Klaroline & Mabekah.

Caroline Forbes (soon-to-be-Lockwood) is one of the best divorce attorneys in Chicago. She tears unfaithful husbands to pieces, ready to fight for her friend, a rising star Katherine Pierce who wants to divorce Damon Salvatore, a famous photographer. Little does she know that Damon hired a ruthless and successful lawyer Klaus Mikaelson. A divorce may be the least of their problems.

Klaus and Caroline are childhood friends, but circumstances in Klaus’ young life turn him and his family to a life of crime causing them to become the most feared Outlaws in the West. However, the years haven’t caused Klaus to forget Caroline or caused Caroline to forget the boy she’s always cared for, no matter how ruthless he’s become. Rated M for language and sexual situations.

AU/HUMANVERSE On the run, the Mikaelson’s need a place to lay low while Klaus recovers from their latest heist. Fortunately for them, Caroline Forbes has the house to herself for the weekend.

Klaus Mikaelson an accomplished FBI Agent shoulders his way into Detective Katherine Pierce’s investigation into the missing/Kidnapped girl – Caroline Forbes. Slowly secrets come to light revealing Klaus’s obsession to find the missing girl. Faced yet again with his old enemy will he come out victorious this time or lose the girl yet again. AU/AH, humanverse.

In order to end the long feud between the five families of England, King Fell convinces peasant Caroline Forbes to become a princess. She is then sent off to marry Prince Kol Mikaelson as a peace offering between the two kingdoms. Caroline, trying to keep up her royal appearance, despite her non-royal blood, finds herself falling for Kol’s older brother, Klaus Mikaelson.

Klaus Mikaelson, wealthy vagabond and artist extraordinaire, comes home for an unexpected wedding in the seemingly quiet town of Mystic Falls. A town with old money and secrets, and where the young and beautiful come to play. Everyone has something to hide in this dramatic, tawdry, indecent, shocking and slap-happy tale. By liar.faker and The Deej.

AU/AH, all human. Main pairings - Klaroline. Along with Kalijah and now Dabekah. It began with an arranged marriage proposal. When she looked back on how it all began she had never imagined she would reach here one day. But Caroline Forbes was thankful for all the pain and joy of her journey because it took her exactly where she wanted to be.

Season 4 storyline for Caroline, starts with Klaus in Tyler’s body, for a little while. What happens when Caroline finds out? When Klaus is back in his body and wants her for himself… What won’t Klaus do to get what he wants. How will Caroline handle being the object of his affection…

AU. “I may have bought your body and power, Caroline Forbes. Your affections, however, I have every intention of earning.” Klaroline.

Chosen at the age of 15 by Lord Niklaus to satisfy her homeland’s pact with the Original Hybrid, Caroline is groomed for the role of Sanguis Donum or his blood concubine. While he may own her body and blood, she will make sure he never has her soul. Very AU and dark. On hiatus.

The girls come up with a plan to send Caroline back in time to kill Klaus before he ever arrives in Mystic Falls. But it turns out their plan won’t be as simple as they thought. Especially when Caroline gets stuck in the past & only has Klaus to rely on.

She knows she’ll always be safe with Klaus.

Klaus takes Caroline on a trip, but he’s the one to see the world.

AU, royalty fic set in the 1910 to 20’s, based on my tumblr drabble series: When Caroline meets Klaus for the first time, her Uncle told her she had to bow and call him Prince Niklaus. Being only eight, she didn’t know how important that was to court. And as she grew older, she realized that she didn’t care about what was important to court. All that mattered was her friend, Nik.

Post 3x15. The gang has failed to kill Klaus and Caroline decides she needs to get out of Mystic Falls. She hardly suspects him to go after her.

AU. Elena goes hysterical, Caroline stays bright and optimistic, Klaus lurks in the darkness with his trident while Kol is leading a normal life in Los Angeles. Stopping Apocalypse from happening has never seemed so difficult.

  • Torment written  by MidnightAngel30

Klaus is a hero of war who has trouble dealing with the memories his service has left. Caroline lives in the apartment below his, wondering where all the shouting is coming from, and why. Will the little blonde be the answer to stopping all the nightmares of the former soldier? AU/AH.

Trying to find out which Original the gangs bloodline leads to, Bonnie produces a spell that sends Caroline into the past; learning more about Klaus and uncovering secrets she never expected, Caroline begins to realize that nothing is merely coincidence.

  • Prowl written by withfireandblod

The Mikaelson family had a saying. “Love beyond family is the greatest weakness. We do not feel and we do not care.” It was a code he lived by. So why did he save the girl? Klaus / Caroline.

Klaus Mikaelson is a Wall Street highflier and an unapologetic hedonist. Caroline Forbes is a personal assistant with zero patience for his type. But when he accidentally costs Caroline her job, he offers her a solution. Work for him instead.

After their drunken tryst, Klaus and Caroline are forced to come to terms with each other. *Continuation of “Give Me Love”*

  • solstice written by she.dreams.in.colour

The feverish heat of summer beckons the yearly festivities in honor of Zeus. Amidst the vibrant revelry, the sun-god is enamored by the ethereal vision of a mortal and enraged when she denies him. But gods are never refused, and he vows to make her succumb to him even if he has to sear her flesh to do it. Dark Greek Myth AU.

"You know what you should do? Get over that ‘I-have-to-have-feelings-for-the-men-I-sleep-with’ crap. Go to some random bar, flirt with some good looking guy and get laid. Casual, recreational, no strings attached.” Damon said. Caroline should have known better than to listen. AU/AH

The following ones are the MUST-READ:

The last time Klaus had seen her (Caroline) it was 1922 and she was bleeding out, calling his name, with a stake in her hand. Esther’s curse involved a doppelganger and a hunter, who would spend the next 9 life times and 1000 years, distracting, stalking, killing, loving, annoying and torturing Niklaus Mikaelson, forever thwarting his efforts to break the moonstone curse.

  • Green Card written by a-little-blonde-distraction

AU/AH: Klaus is an art grad student at Hunter College whose student visa is about to expire. Caroline is a journalism grad student and Today Show intern who’s dream apartment only accepts married couples. Their marriage of convenience proves to be harder to pull off then they thought when INS comes knocking.

  • So Long, Lonesome written by Banana71588 (I need you to update. Where are youuuuuuuuuuuuu?)

'These are the moments she will always remember. Her childhood. Her friends. Memories strife with mischief and foolery, even amidst the werewolf crisis; carefree times.' Caroline forms a tight-knit bond with a family that will one day become the Original vampires, none the wiser to the centuries of sorrow that lay ahead for them…

Sequel to Prom Night. Caroline and Tyler travel down to New Orleans, as desperate times, such as, I don’t know, Tyler ripping out the heart of Caroline’s latest fling under the influence of Klaus's compulsion, definitely call for desperate measures. Multi-chaptered. TVD/The Originals crossover.

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